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  PETBOX mobile spa is proud to announce that our Salon is COMING SOON ……

 Located at

24803 Roesner Road, Katy TX 77494.

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Please visit our Salon website at www.petboxgrooming.com



Mobile Pet Grooming in Houston


The Pet Box Spa is a spa service that provides mobile pet grooming in Houston and combines over 10 years of grooming experience with a state of the art grooming van to bring the very best of pet grooming to your door.  Simply book your next appointment online or by texting to 832.288.0248 today and have your pet groomed with the convenience of never having to leave your home.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Houston


Here at Petbox Mobile Spa we strive to provide the utmost customer service and exceptional grooming right outside your home.  From the personal, loving, one on one care, to the state of the art van and the latest grooming equipment right down to the large clean towels used with every grooming – every single component is the very best.  Why would you want anything less for your best friend? We  provide the best mobile dog grooming in Katy .


    • **Now offering Annual Prepaid Packages for pet parents who want their pets groomed on a monthly schedule!**  For more info and pricing details please call us at 832-288-0248 or feel free to email us at petbox@icloud.com.
    • Our grooming van incorporates all the latest in grooming technology, which means you can be assured that your pet is receiving the best of the best.
    • When it comes to your pet, we take it to the next level.  We clean every surface and disinfect all of our equipment after every appointment, so you can rest comfortably knowing your pet is receiving the cleanest service.
    • We Specialized in large pets, we use a revolutionary hydraulic lifting grooming table, directly adjacent to which resides a state of the art grooming  table. We also can bathe and grooming cats!
    • Our stainless steel tub is big enough to Accommodate large Dogs. Also equipped with a hydro massage bather which bathes your pet with water and shampoo while massaging the muscles, creating one of the most relaxing grooming experiences your pet can ever have!
    • This is not only therapeutic for your pet, but helps with circulation and promotes skin and coat health.  Our high-velocity dryer fluffs your pet’s coat leaving it fully dry and soft, which at the same time allowing us to closely examine your pet’s dermal health.  For our dryer-shy pets and felines, our dryer is equipped with low, quiet settings.
    • Here at Petbox Mobile Spa we not only want to make it convenient for you to have your pet groomed regularly, but we want to pamper your best friend with the love and care.
    •  We are here to offer you the best mobile pet grooming in katy.
    • We also specialize in grooming cats!

 Thank you for visiting us and remember to bookmark us for mobile dog grooming in Houston and mobile pet grooming Katy, Tx. 

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